Carbon negative/Green initiative
Corporate window films have teamed up with the only current manufacturer in the world to have a proven range of quality films that are Carbon Negative. This means that the environmental impact required to make, distribute, install and dispose of the film at the end of its life cycle, is less than the carbon reduction achieved as a result of the films installation.

Buildings can now invest in applied window film with the knowledge that they will receive accreditation and contribute to the following:

  • Commitment to using industry leading Carbon Negative products
  • Accumulation of points to gain a higher green star rating
  • Increased capacity to generate greater revenue

Our window film not only has an impressive industry leading Carbon Negative rating, but also offers one of the fastest payback periods of any retro fit building product currently on the market. With a break even ratio often inside 3 years, window film may not just be an option to improve your carbon footprint and green initiative, but rather a necessity.